Sewing Lessons

Sewing is a skill you can take in so many different directions– whether you want to stitch portraits of houses, learn to hem your own pants, or even make transformation costumes! If you’re ready to take the plunge and learn to sew, I would love to help you reach your goals in down-to-earth, highly personalized sewing lessons.

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Everyone has different reasons for learning to sew, and I offer five basic directions that can be tailored (heh) to the individual needs of the student. Use the form below to get started! Scroll to read more about each type of class.

Types of Sewing Lessons I Teach

These are the five different main categories of lessons I teach, and the lesson curriculum is personalized for each student’s goals, experience level, and schedule.


All lessons begin at $60 for a 75 minute session. Additional fees may apply for multiple students in a single lesson, travel fees, etc. All materials will be purchased by the student, and learning to shop for these is part of the lessons.

Sewing Lessons for Kids

Image may contain: 1 person, smilingI learned to sew at age 7 and never looked back! Give a child the chance to learn a rare skill they will use throughout their lives. For children, I teach how to:

  • Use a needle and thread
  • Understand sewing vocabulary
  • Match up fabric pieces and shapes along seamlines
  • Properly handle pins, scissors, and other tools
  • Safely operate a machine
  • Follow project instructions
  • Work confidently and independently on projects they choose

Alterations and Basics

The number one reason most people want to learn to sew is to fix their own clothes! The great news is that you don’t have to become a master sewist to have better fitting clothing. In my Alterations and Basics lessons, I teach how to:

  • Thread needles like a pro
  • Make a sewing machine do your bidding
  • Reattach those pesky buttons
  • Hem your pants to the correct length– finally!
  • Magically make a garment fit better
  • Transform pants into shorts, dresses into skirts, and other useful hacks
  • …and more!

Garment Construction/Costuming

Sewing Lessons - Garment Construction - 60s Shift Dress with Peter Pan Collar

Some people (like me!) have always dreamed of designing and making custom clothing. In my Garment Construction lessons, I teach how to:

  • Sew by machine and hand
  • Match the perfect fabrics and materials to your vision
  • Take your designs from paper to fabric
  • Translate the hieroglyphics on sewing patterns
  • Skip store-bought patterns and make your own


Image may contain: outdoorStitching by hand is all the rage these days! In Embroidery lessons, I teach how to:

  • Handle needle and thread with minimum frustration and maximum enjoyment
  • Transfer your ideas from your brain to fabric
  • Morph a basic running stitch into any stitch you see on Pinterest